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There are some misconceptions here about how the matching system works.

You can read a detailed Ratings Guide here if that's your thing.
By [Nerodos] - 2016-07-11 16:30:00 in General Discussion
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Long time PvPer here: I planned to return for ISK after quitting 2 years ago.

And now that it's here, I don't find Dofus that tempting anymore.

It's just too late.

Real life & other games have replaced Dofus for me.
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Izmar|2016-01-21 19:21:05 Inter-Server Kolossium (from Simsoft) – Tests continue, there will be a new version of the ISK released on the Beta server after the release of 2.33. The team is looking into a new rating algorithm called “Glicko.” This system is a major priority for the development team, but it still needs several months of work before it will be ready to release to all servers.

thebossmickey|2016-01-22 23:32:26Inter-server Kolossium (FromSimsoft):

We keep going on the ISK and a...