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By Learner - 2008-12-28 00:45:11 in Guilds
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QUOTE Hello, I'm with the guild [Caring Handouts] and If you do not mind, I would like to tell you about it and ask you to join...

We offer a number of things such as but not limited too;

* Weekly Free Potions (Must be in guild for 1 week / 7 days.)
*Weekly Events (With prizes UP TO 150,000 Kama)
*Monthly Drawings (With prizes UP TO Kwak set)
*Interest Free Loans (Please look below for more information)
*Goal Events (Please look below for more information)
*A Helping Hand and Some Friends (As...
By Learner - 2008-12-07 23:04:27 in Meetings
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Hello, I've just restarted playing on Dofus, (Won 3 month membership so said "why not") Sadly though I had to delete all my characters so had to make a new one. If anyone want to be friends, I'll be more then happy to agree.

Current character name: Gothbunny (yeah, I hear the insults coming, heh...) (Lvl 21 Pure Summon Osamodas)
On the [Rushu] server

Small Warning:
***I only remember 1/6 of what I used to so, newb.***