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Some of the new gear on beta 2.21 don't have any critical hit rate or critical hit bonus given in the item description. (Queen of Thieve's Sword and Srambad Daggers)

Is this intentional in that they simply cannot critical hit? Or is this an unintended error? As far as I know, there aren't any critical-hit-less weapons on Dofus yet so I can't tell whether it's a new idea or just a glitch.
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This spell will decrease the caster's maximum health and increase the caster's actual health so they meet in the middle. For example:

1200/3000 health
Immasac casts coagulation
2100/2100 health

or on a critical hit (60%, instead of 50% through)

1200/3000 health
Immasac casts coagulation
2280/2280 health

So in exchange for great erosion, the sacrier gains some emergency health back. A risky spell that could heal them well over 2000 health given the right scenario, but would be detrimental for...