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OS: Windows 8.1

Lately I've started watching my friends when they play and I've noticed that in spectator mode there is no music in background during the match, when I'm playing I can hear the music without problem but when watching someone else, nothing, other sounds are ok, but the music is always absent.
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Game version:
OS: Windows 8.1
Time and date: ~18:40 26/12/2016 (last time)

Problem: I've noticed a problem with the effect of the mummies, when on the battlefield the summon shows his effect as a counterattack but it does not activate like a counterattack, from what I know a "counterattack" trigger every time the summon suffers damage from any sort of source (enemy/ally, spells/other summons) even when they die, so I expect to see my AP reserve increase by 1 every time a mummy suffers...