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Member since 2014-01-22


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2018-12-02


Pompas Feca Lvl 63 Remington
Alados Eniripsa Lvl 56 Remington
Rachas* Ecaflip Lvl 46 Elbor
Rachas Ecaflip Lvl 44 Remington
Resacas Pandawa Lvl 40 Remington
Tesdsids Pandawa Lvl 27 Elbor
Sadicos* Sacrier Lvl 27 Elbor
Sangres Sacrier Lvl 22 Remington
Bipolars Masqueraider Lvl 21 Remington
Bipolars* Masqueraider Lvl 13 Elbor
Osados Osamodas Lvl 9 Elbor

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Hello there

I am between my masq or eca support / healer (I really enjoy playing with them) but I don't know which one to choose as my main support /healer in order to play high end content .

Before start with my questions I am only PVE player.

1) If I want to play as support Healer I wonder if I play with my masq or eca I would have problem to find group so then I will have to re roll to Eni or sadida if I want to fill that role?

Between masq healer support and eca healer support which one...
1 547

I am a beautiful Pandawa who is looking for a nice active guild (PVE-PVM). Also it is a MMORPG so then, I am looking for a guild where I can do some dungs/bosses with more people and not bots... etc

If someone looking for a future TANK or Off tank/Support please contact me in game/

My name in game is Resacas