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Ecaflip Lvl 182 Echo
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Hi all,

so I am reunited with my Komet Pet that used to be on a server I didn't play on anymore (Algathe). Since the server merge, he came back to me (I'm now on Crail)! I feed him every 24 hours like he's supposed to, and I feed him Bamboo Wood. But he never gains any stats since he's been transferred to Crail. When he was still on Algathe before the merge, I had him gain 1 prospecting by feeding him 3ish Bamboo Woods. But now... 10 Bamboo Woods and nothing. 

So is this litte fella bugged or...
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Hi all! I recently started playing Dofus Retro again and I'm looking for a well-populated server. I saw that Eratz has quite the player base, but it's mainly in French and the 'type' of the server is 1.29. Henual has that type too. The other Retro servers are typed as 'Retro'. Does this mean they're different in some kind of way? Do the Retro servers get the same updates as the 1.29, (I know the updates are very limited) or are Eratz and Henual forever stuck in the past, getting no maintenance/updates...
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Hi! I haven't played for years and years and I just logged in again. Some of my pets were ghosts and... unrevivable. I noticed the resurrecting isn't a thing anymore because pets don't die anymore (and no more Pet Dungeon). Not only are they unrevivable ghosts, but their names are weird too. Like [UNOWN_TEXT_ID something something...]

I read in some changelogs from a while back that all pet ghosts had automatically been revived. Well, mine haven't. It's a shame because a few of them are maxed out...