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By LAPISnStyle - 2012-01-13 07:42:08 in General Discussions
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Hi every1

ehm recently i started play wakfu and im quite confused...
First of all im confused about map construction becouse citys dont look like city(in dofus)
need realy get used to it + citys are so empty....(international server playing brakmar)
im used to bunch of people are hanging out at militia for headhunter quest...
where are all people at wakfu at ??

second thing i was searching like 2 hours for adventurer set heaven bags...
isnt there auction house anywhere???? like at tailor in dofus...
By LAPISnStyle - 2011-02-11 22:50:31 in General Discussions
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So hows is pvp so far??? how balanced is it..?
Is group pvp involved or stil 1 vs 1...
What about items are there many resist involved, i realy hate resist ppl and shields...