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I remember a long time ago, I used to sub and got this really neat bandit weapon (Magik Riktus Bandits). When I went to get a subscription recently, I could not figure out choose my subscription gift; I just default got a Springy Set. Now, I might go for another month, but what am I gonna do with another Springy Set :|
I have several questions!1.) Is there a way to get these bandit weapons again from subscription?2.) How do I choose my subscription gift (if that's even a possibility). Do I just not...
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I felt like posting a forum topic to talk about things new people have done that are funny/interesting/insightful. This is just for entertainment purposes, but you might learn something from other people's mistakes! I chose Incarnam Inn to post this because I thought new people might enjoy adding/reading these There's no limit to the level of exp you have to be to post a fun story.
(Though, don't use this to bully/ make fun of new people!!)

Here, I'll go first.


I convinced...
By Kyokichi - 2015-04-24 07:32:48 in Markets of Rushu
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I am looking to buy the Gobkool Set! I know my chances are slim, but I am curious if anyone is selling or has one lying around

I am too low of a level to go out and get materials myself. It seems really nifty! But no one is selling.

I'm on Rushu. And you can PM me or just reply to this thread.

Thank you!