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Enu-Kyanchome Enutrof Lvl 186 Efrim
Xel-Kyanchome Xelor Lvl 177 Efrim
Mars-Kyanchome Sram Lvl 176 Efrim
Kyanchome Sacrier Lvl 130 Efrim
Osa-Kyanchome Osamodas Lvl 46 Remington
Eca-Kyanchome Ecaflip Lvl 46 Remington
Fec-Kyanchome Feca Lvl 46 Remington
Hupper-Kyanchome Huppermage Lvl 27 Efrim
Mach-Kyanchome Foggernaut Lvl 21 Remington
Mask-Kyanchome Masqueraider Lvl 21 Remington

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By Kyantchome - 2016-03-01 16:43:35 in General Discussions
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What are the plans of Ankama to attract more players to the Wakfu ? I haven't seen anything about it in the "Letter to the Community".
70 8059
How title says, what the plans for the future of wakfu? I mean, for those who played dofus, it's impossible not do a comparison between the two games and see that dofus has so much content and wakfu haven't. Right, dofus is more old than wakfu. But why when a new update is released, come with a huge difference of content? For example, enutropia in dofus has 21 monsters, and wakfu 5. Dofus has a bestiary in game, wakfu has a encyclopedia outdated. Ok, lets forget dofus.

Is really cool develop new...