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Kiriel Ap Nye Cra Lvl 161 Nox
Nieven Huppermage Lvl 161 Nox
Sunil Ap Nye Eliotrope Lvl 159 Nox
Lirik Ap Nye Feca Lvl 153 Nox
Kieran Ap Nye Ouginak Lvl 132 Nox
Nang Ta-Khian Enutrof Lvl 131 Nox
Net Neutrality Iop Lvl 110 Nox
Alex Hartdegen Xelor Lvl 102 Nox
Elhadron Huppermage Lvl 83 Nox
Kelabe Feca Lvl 82 Remington
Jarissi Ouginak Lvl 81 Remington
Baron Cimitière Sram Lvl 81 Remington

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Screenshot below is an example, seen on Nox just outside the Astrub south gate, a mighty level 200 Sram, doomed to be spat upon ad infinitum by the lowliest of creatures, a simple gobbly.
(note the time / turn counter - more than 12 HOURS, and 1759 turns)

"Spectated" this for a few minutes, each "turn" was a timeout by the player, (clearly disconnected)
I would have thought the server would eventually terminate the session, (maybe after 15 minutes or so to allow opportunity to relog a lost connection...
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Ankama please note - another Kama-seller BOT on the Nox Almanax temple stairs:
BOT name: "MissLucie", see screenshot below:
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I've noticed that the "Ankama Launcher" seems to maintain a high rate of network activity even when it is merely minimized to the taskbar with no game client running.

I am not talking just an occasional "ping" either... a steady 50+ kbps of data both upstream and downstream... this is ridiculous for a supposedly "idle" background task.   

Looking at the traffic, it appears the "Ankama Launcher" is continually polling some "Cloudflare" and "Apple" servers on ports 443 and 80. 

WHY all this polling...