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Kiriel Ap Nye Cra Lvl 161 Rubilax
Nieven Huppermage Lvl 161 Rubilax
Sunil Ap Nye Eliotrope Lvl 159 Rubilax
Lirik Ap Nye Feca Lvl 153 Rubilax
Kieran Ap Nye Ouginak Lvl 132 Rubilax
Nang Ta-Khian Enutrof Lvl 132 Rubilax
Kelabe Cra Lvl 132 Rubilax
Kagakaze Huppermage Lvl 117 Rubilax
Net Neutrality Iop Lvl 110 Rubilax
Alex Hartdegen Xelor Lvl 102 Rubilax
Jarissi Ouginak Lvl 98 Rubilax
Baron Cimitière Sram Lvl 84 Rubilax
Elhadron Huppermage Lvl 83 Rubilax

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Looks like Ankama has its "April Fools" joke a week late this year...  

When the character selection screen comes up on your first login after the 1.67 update... you may be a bit surprised!    (Or maybe not??)
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Ankama please note - another Kama-seller BOT on the Nox Almanax temple stairs:
BOT name: "MissLucie", see screenshot below: