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+1 A friend and I are having the same issue on Rushu. [18:07] Your bank has been debited 1,999,200 kamas from the Ogrine Market Place. <_< 
By Reveration - 2016-01-03 00:50:05 in Problems and solutions
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I just sincerely hope my Ogrine purchases (with cash) are refunded in either Ogrines or a bank deposit. <_< 
By reaperboy - 2016-01-03 18:35:14 in Suggestion Box
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Uraczakunje|2016-01-03 23:22:06reaperboy|2016-01-03 18:35:14Alright, So since I came back to game I see a lot of people spamming tingo when ever you step on -1,0 and I personally think it's pretty annoying! Yes, I get it its meant to be annoying but I want to suggest limitation on uses of tingo on someone. Ideas? well this is what I think...It would be still fun but less annoying. You can tingo someone but you have to wait certain amount of time for them to be tingoed again. Yes, some of you might...