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Eniripsa Lvl Omega 76 Echo
Electric Dreams
Feca Lvl Omega 1 Echo
Electric Dreams
Eliotrope Lvl 81 Echo
Die Krieger des Lichts
Ecaflip Lvl 70 Echo
Electric Dreams

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Not sure when you stopped playing, but since modular dungeons were implemented, more than 4 accounts is largely overkill.

Also keep in mind that classes and mechanics have changed a lot in the last year. Cras are still good in PvE, while PvP is mostly close quarters. With the advent of variants and stats in excess (mainly %final dmg bonus and res), balance and class identity went down the drain. Most classes have what where once Masqueraider shields, most classes have strong healing spells (even...
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Did nobody at Ankama realize that such a survey would yield results favoring the most used classes at the expense of the most uncommon?
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Whatever. I've been breeding for 7 years, it's been my first source of significant income, but it has constantly lost value, first due to dragoturkeys overpopulation, then due to karmeleon, lastly due to seemyools.
So I welcome the changes meant to reduce dragoturkey overproduction. But I really hope you take in good account the following:

- Having dungeon keeper resources as components to craft consumables makes no sense at all, no matter how much you want to "Increase the global destruction of...