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I'm a generally laid-back person(maybe too laid-back), and I like to keep to myself. I have the mindset of the reckless, and a response of a sloth. Wakfu is a cool game, where I don't have to over-stress my actions or abilities.
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Kumosuki Ouginak Lvl 52 Remington
Kumore Cra Lvl 7 Remington

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By Kumosuki - 2017-10-31 16:13:31 in Community Events
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As of recent, I've been browsing the forums section in search of a guild, but as well of the Community Events looking for some type of game to be made, and have everyone participate in one.

So I thought, "Why not create one?"
One with Prizes to the winner, and some to the participants as well! I can't really think of a game that includes the plot, setting and strategy, but it would be fun, or an event that's close to it; I just thought it would be a great idea, and everyone can be involved!