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By Kshea - 2009-06-09 00:30:57 in General Discussion
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id like eveyone to try posting the best deals theyve gotton for any item(s) here, then we can find out if they were actually good deals, or that that item's value just really dropped 0.O
ok. guess me 1st:

guildalgem, 15k: omg i use to be able to sell these a selling price for 50k max... now guess with the dopple system and all, theyre bcoming more and more common... too many guilds these days >>

royal gobbal headgear(55 str, 66 int), 150k: DEAL or so i think it was.... tell me if it werent...
By Kshea - 2009-06-08 01:14:23 in Suggestion Box
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Definately They should work in dungeons!