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Sacrier Lvl 100 Echo
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Whats the best easy to play class right now? I have sacrier 100 lvl but i dont feel like i will be good at him after the rework (rip disso). What would you suggest me? What about that new class - Ouginak? I just care about high dmg, whether its range or meele i dont really care. I have wis set and ~~5,5mk
By KrwawyKoala - 2017-05-28 13:44:56 in Sacrier
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Last time i played 6 months ago, and as i see sacrier changed a lot. Is it worth of playing anymore? What should i go for? Still chance or int? I have 100 lvl and 5mk . Or if it sucks- which class is the best for this moment?
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Im new player at 1.29 dofus, downloaded 2 days ago. But i cant type anything in the chat, only in private message. When i type anything in the chat and press enter just nothing happens... Reinstalled, but it didn't help. 12 lvl. from poland.