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Member since 2016-11-27


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-07-21


Sacrier Lvl 198 Dodge
Iop Lvl 186 Dodge
Enutrof Lvl 153 Dodge
Cra Lvl 107 Dodge
Sadida Lvl 67 Dodge

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Dear Ankama staff,
I am a player of Dodge Server. I read a lot of scattered comments after the update 1.39.0; my intention is to group the set of information for everybody, you included, on what is really happening and illogical consequences in a unique post.

I assumed that a mobile game should favour the casual playing, at least a bit, because we could play while in train, car, work pauses, with the mobile, for short time each session. But dungeons are still long, farming ingredients could be...
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Character name: Aspide
Date and time: since 1 week +
Map: Vulkania
Server: Dodge
Bug description: I complete the task to kill 5 each (the counter has been flagged) and instruction is for "talk to Seamus Tard, but Seamus Tard do not give option to end this quest, he allows only option for Crystal Rasha
Reproducibility process: I tried with different devices with different OS, loggin and re-logging several time, but nothing changes
Screenshots: N/A

if possible let me know if this is a know problem.
By Krorr - 2017-05-02 08:46:35 in Home guild
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Dear Win,
I would like you to contact me or in game or in this forum.
If out there someone has the contacts of WIN please advise her to contact me.

thanks a lot.