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Shadow Flame Iop Lvl 129 Nox
Shadow Raid Masqueraider Lvl 56 Nox
Shadatrope Eliotrope Lvl 51 Nox
Shadow Flop Osamodas Lvl 25 Nox
Foggerflame Foggernaut Lvl 21 Nox

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By Krenshaw - 2012-03-14 23:35:04 in Technical Issues
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Tofu's from tofukaze for subscribing friends not applying. It says I should have 6, and I have 0. I can provide screenshots of my tofukaze details, but I'm sure you guys can look it up, if not, drop me pm and I will provide screencaps of my problem.
By Krenshaw - 2012-03-14 06:09:57 in Introductions
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Good evening, Nox. Shadow Flame here, the helpful Bonta local. I'm not new at all, I've been around for years, but this is my official invitation to ask me for help. If you have a problem, be it farming, dungeons, killing monsters so you can catch them, just drop me a whisper when I'm on and i will do my best to assist you. I never ask for anything in return, at all. Also, keep an eye out for my name on the next upcoming election, after all the Marle/Mike stuff is over.

Ps. Bontans should vote...