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Ecaflip Lvl Omega 27 Echo
Huppermage Lvl Omega 2 Ilyzaelle
Ecaflip Lvl Omega 1 Ilyzaelle
Iop Lvl 192 Echo
Huppermage Lvl 129 Echo

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By Kraziee - 2016-08-06 22:41:31 in Suggestion Box
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Hey everyone, so I was zaap sitting and started up a conversation with other players about the infamous "Leeching."
What has happened to the game that Dofus used to be back in the old 1.29 days, when low-leveled players would team up
and actually xp hunt, and explore new areas? One big factor we brought up was of course, Frigost. Nowadays players grind
their way to 50 as fast as possible and jump straight into a wis set and set shore for Frigost. What could we do to encourage
players to actually...
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So I was trying to change my class but everytime I click confirm it loads for a sec and then, nothing. Any idea what's going on and has anyone else had this problem?
Im POSITIVE I have the correct number of origines as well.
By Kraziee - 2016-08-05 07:46:08 in Rushu
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Yo, how's it going! So on my journeys in the vast World of 12 i've happened to stumble on what might be the greatest thing to happen to dofus;

Shi No Tenshi (Angel of Death), the guild. Although our numbers are slim our hearts are big. We encourage any and everyone to join us, regardless of

level. Don't worry we don't run background checks either haha. We are recruiting as of right now and looking for other great players and positive vibes

to join our ranks. You never know you might meet your...