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By Kozmik11 - 2009-12-18 21:15:44 in Iop
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What's the best set for just pure raw damage? Yes, I know there is a post about this, but thats for like 20more levels higher than me... so decided to make this post. So far I have....
(Not sure)Ring- Maybe a red scara ring? Remember I just want the most int/dmg I can get out of this.
Boots- Wabbit flip-flops
Wep-God Rod
Headgear- Royal gob head
Cape- Hooded cloak
Amulet- Kam ammy
Mount- not sure what its called, but the mount that gives intellect, and initiv :X
So is there...
By Kozmik11 - 2009-12-13 03:01:21 in Problems and solutions
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Is it just my computer or is the ZIP download for dofus 2.0 that they have inputted not working? It just sends me to a black website page that the address is part of the Ankama home website. The ZIP download for 1.29 is working just fine, and I think the ZIP for Dofus 2.0 would work for me now, since nothing else has. If it gets fixed.