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 Hello I would like to suggest a buff for a Lou 3* version which would make her more viable. Here is the change I've come up with: Instead of an effect "Appeareance: Makes the prisms reappear." it would be better for it to be "Appeareance: Makes the prisms on your side reappear." With this change im certain it would see more play. I believe that the suggested effect would make her pretty powerful.
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Like a title says it would be nice to see voice acted dialogs for every god . That would make people use them more often and it would be a great addition overall. Adding simple "Good game." "Well played." or even "I'm sorry." would also be sweet.
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This card is the only card sacrier has for draw. It's obviously a good card but there is a reason why people don't want to use it right now. Let's say there is enemy minion on ur dofus. He damages it to 2hp so you decide to sacrifice it but after u sacrifice ur dofus the minion does not dissapear and still stays at the end of the lane. Then ur opponent gets free dofus either with Guy or Green Larva because of it and that's why I believe it should be changed so the minion dissapears after dofus has...