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By Kogafox - 2014-10-24 23:41:37 in Suggestion Box
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Hello guys, I would like to propose a buff for the spell extraction as well as an idea I have that would make bombs more viable in endgame pvm while keeping them killable in pvp.

First off, I think extraction is far too limited for being the weakest life steal spell in the game. It should either gain the ability to be used diagonally or have the 1 per target per turn restriction changed to 2 per target per turn.

Secondly, I feel that bombs are too easy for monsters to kill in endgame content if...
By Kogafox - 2012-05-16 01:21:28 in Ecaflip
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Hi, Could anyone help me with good equips that give good %dmg and/or +dmg and/or agi and/or cha and/or crits? I'm looking for them to be in the level range of 100-150.

By Kogafox - 2012-05-12 05:45:34 in Suggestion Box
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I've noticed that not many strength ecaflips use All or Nothing, yet it hits neutral damage. I think that if it were changed to chance damage it would open up the possibility of a chance eca that uses it along with bluff or even just help out the agi/cha eca's out there. Being an agi/cha eca myself, I don't really think that having one chance spell that only does chance damage 50% of the time is very "appealing".

Also, I have not disregarded the intel eca's and acknowledge that they use AoN and...