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By KoKomonkey - 2011-04-05 00:19:50 in Suggestion Box
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Reincarnations of real players: the server will search high lvl players that had been inactive for more than x numbers of days or months and recreate them into a dungeon. New ghosts regenerates if old ghosts were defeated. Monster names will be the same of the characters' names.

Setting: a dark cave/forest even more farther from the pandala ghost area.

stage1 (lvl80-120s)
6 random classes

stage2 (lvl110-150s)
6 random classes

stage3 (lvl140-180s)
7 random classes

stage4 (170-190s)
8 random...
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This is not an idea, but more of a philosophy on game design. I feel that many ppl misconceptually label "overpowering" as something that's horrific and needs to be done about it as soon as possible or the players shall protest the developers with pitch forks and torches.

Little do we realize that it is the experiences of "overpowering" that the players actually desire. If the actual goal was aiming for balance and fairness, then why even bother with making a fantasy/fictional world? Reality is...