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Enutrof Lvl 200 Draconiros
The Flying Gobball
Ouginak Lvl 191 Draconiros
The Flying Gobball
Eniripsa Lvl 76 Draconiros
Feca Lvl 76 Draconiros
The Flying Gobball
Xelor Lvl 48 Draconiros
The Flying Gobball
Eliotrope Lvl 36 Draconiros
The Flying Gobball

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As the title asks, can an Alliance and Guild name be swapped? I know that a guild cannot be named the same as an alliance, I am wondering, probably would have to buy 3 name swaps with ogrines, if there is a "The" in the front of one or the other if it could be done. Or when you make the name swap, those names are locked and gone forever? If I go to name swap guild and had changed it to "Changingthisguildname" and tried to name the alliance the guilds previous name, will it still be locked?

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Even the events have bots in mind, Mining bonus today? there you go bots, more ore for you, they click it faster than a human can. They make this game 50% unplayable and Ankama has literally thrown their hands up and have given up on the whole situation and let bots run RAMPANT.
You thought they enforced not multiboxing on solo server drac? HAHA you got armies of multiple bots all wearing the same gear running around literally everywhere. I can't believe Ankama has really given up on Dofus like this.

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Flying Gobball is freshly made and actively recruiting new and returning members to build something fresh. Are you one to soar with the Gobballs, or flop on the ground with the Tofu? (GUILD AND ALLIANCE)For those wanting to start from the beginning of a guild build Looking for active role in a guild with dungeon pvm, pvp, and events with like-minded DofusiansRecruitment is swelling and the numbers are as well. Join today for a social experience in dungeons, PVP, sand bi weekly events planned.