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If i switch between windows(alt tab) or minimalize the game , it will most of the time be not possible to turn it on again.. If i try to restore it from minimalizing there will be only the frame and i wont see the game...forcing me to quit and relaunch the game... Have anyone experienced this?
By Klusio - 2012-02-19 16:35:57 in Technical Issues
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I have downloaded Wakfu and whenever i try to play it , it freezes every 15~~ seconds... Even on the login menu.Nothing moves, i can't click anything. All i can do is do some alt tab few times and then it un-freezes... Has anyone experienced this? I have reinstalled it few times already, even set the graphics to as low as possible and nothing helps. What's strange, like a half a year ago i could play wakfu without any problems...