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By Klusio - 2016-09-13 19:55:42 in Iop
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I'm playing an Iop, an int one and while I do just fine going around my business or playing PvP, it seems STR is intended to be 'the' build, they can pull much bigger numbers, can't they?
Is there a point playing INT or AGI (or int/agi) instead of STR in high level PvM?

Also, how exactly does Brokle work? I remember it used to increase all the rolls ON the target, but the description states it maximizes damage dealt BY the target. Did it change or is it some problem with translation?
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So, I'm at this quest right now - I'm supposed to fight 5 powerful chaffers and all I can do is use this special bow (the mobs are 20 cells away and you can't walk to them) but it just doesn't seem possible. They have a ton of health and all I can do is hit them for like 150 with the bow, while they deal ton of dmg (about 1k in total) to me per turn. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to go about this quest at all? Am I supposed to change my spec to agi and get geared to do a single little...
By Klusio - 2016-08-28 11:41:14 in Professions
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Hey, I'm doing quests for Emerald Dofus and I need to mate two mounts now.
What is the fastest way to do that? I don't care for breeding, just want to proceed with the quests.
Can I get mounts that are ready to mate straight away, without having to raise them and stuff? If so, how do I know which one are able to have a baby? So I can buy good ones from the market.