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Pharaon Ecaflip Lvl 133 Pandora
AER-Cawootte Sadida Lvl 16 Pandora
AER-Noblesse Iop Lvl 2 Pandora
Seven Of Nine Iop Lvl 1 Pandora
Dantalion Iop Lvl 1 Pandora

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MiniMikeh|2015-04-04 22:31:04
That said @klow nobody is whining instead of being hostile actually read the thread both me and brain have said multiple times that we are okay with the rewards being replaced with runes, transmutes, smithhammers etc

I was just pointing out how ridiculous your assumptions are since you came in here out of nowhere insulting people for little to no reason outside of being an ass
Inflation doesn't help new players, you're wrong. But hey I get it, it's easier to call...
58 9154
MiniMikeh|2015-04-04 05:09:09Klow|2015-04-04 04:49:12thinkofwhatyouremissing|2015-04-02 23:12:24

This. It was obvious from the beginning the chests would cause inflation problems, problems that could have been completely avoided by making the chests give item rewards instead of straight up currency. But apparently ankama, just like most posters in this thread, haven't passed high school level economics. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to get all of these chests especially if you are doing...
58 9154
thinkofwhatyouremissing|2015-04-02 23:12:24MiniMikeh|2015-04-02 20:00:48thinkofwhatyouremissing|2015-04-02 19:55:12Sure, let's just turn hyperinflation into mega inflation by dumping even more millions of kamas into an economy that's already dangerously inaccessible to new players. The treasure chests HELP new players doing jumpin gap jacks and bow of pwodding allows you to almost gear a character on phaeris last thing I heard from tashlol and mango was that you could buy yourself a relic with those...