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Same Hoshigaki Osamodas Lvl 180 Rubilax
Light Kira Sram Lvl 170 Rubilax
Slendy Kitty Ecaflip Lvl 161 Rubilax
Nidalee Nara Sadida Lvl 158 Rubilax
The Desert Rose Iop Lvl 158 Rubilax
Fiona Nara Cra Lvl 150 Rubilax
Fremy Drawspeed Feca Lvl 130 Rubilax
Tsuki Yagami Masqueraider Lvl 128 Rubilax
Kisame Hoshigake Enutrof Lvl 125 Rubilax
Alucard The Impaler Sacrier Lvl 105 Rubilax
Junko Otsutsuki Rogue Lvl 105 Rubilax
Princes Of Zeal Eniripsa Lvl 94 Rubilax
Lady Schala Xelor Lvl 93 Rubilax

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By Kisame420 - 2021-01-26 15:27:25 in Sram
3 408
So I'm coming back to the sram class for the first time in a while and I feel like I'm not doing something right. I have ben use water fire and wily is in there for the jump with most of the active spells. I have focused ST and melee. My passives are crazy scheme, brutal assault, sram to the bone, shadow master, and dupery I am lvl 165. Stats are Int 10 in res 5 in armor health and  the rest in HP, Str is melee ST adn the rest in ele, Agi 20 FoW and the rest in lock and dodge, Fort is 20 CH and...