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Mémé-Gâchette Xelor Lvl 211 Pandora
Gneu Stimeur Gneugn Taper Foggernaut Lvl 205 Pandora
Jacky Martoutalou Huppermage Lvl 204 Pandora
Georgette Fongi-Pieds Eniripsa Lvl 204 Pandora
James Bonk Sacrier Lvl 203 Pandora
George Bonk Sram Lvl 203 Pandora
Dégagez La Piste Cyclable Pandawa Lvl 203 Pandora
Référencé Ecaflip Lvl 194 Pandora
Raymond Pétarmane Rogue Lvl 192 Pandora
Référencement Cra Lvl 183 Pandora
Test Cooldown Bouclier Feca Lvl 8 Pandora
Référencement Cra Lvl 6 Rubilax
Perso Useless Iop Lvl 6 Rubilax
AER-Référencement Cra Lvl 4 Pandora
Bonk Bonk Courir Taper Feca Lvl 1 Rubilax

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Do you not like the idea of squeezing your next turn into your current turn?
I'm not talking about pure strength and such, but about the dynamic behind it.

Right now, Xelor's main strength is doing more stuff in the current turn by borrowing resources from the next turn, and having strong AoE damage on an ST build, or strong ST damage on an AoE build. Those are very strong aspects, mechanics-wise, even if the numbers were lower.

Yet by reading through your post, I just feel like you'd want no downtime,...
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Once I'll come back to test stuff, I'll gladly ask for Sinistros to become more usable if they turn out to be bad with the setups I've described (I very well know having a third Sinistro or having a second cast per turn will end world hunger). I hope they're not, and they shouldn't be, considering it does not cost all that much to the Xelor.

You're right about positioning, I guess the tradeoff with the rework was that you'd lose the bit of precise positioning but instead gain the option to kite.

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I don't have a screenshot of the old tooltip of Time Control, but I'm 100% certain the water res removal was only for the Xelor's turn, otherwise it would have been much more used as a support tool in high stasis runs and UBs since single element res removals exceeded the -200 cap.

It is indeed very strange for Sinistro setups to require to destroy them and to use certain passives, but ye, that's the tradeoff. They just have to run their time, and as much as I'd understand the need to cherish those...