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Heh.Since I play DOFUS I'm not so happy with the monsters and I want that in other versions of DOFUS,more monsters with a more complicated design,with tons of colour and more imagination from the ones who create this game.I kno' it's hard to implement,but I know that many guys think like me and I think that DOFUS would be more attractive with new mobs.If you have some ideas and also drawings and some spells for the monster,don't be shy and post it here.
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Just wanted to ask,because now when I'm 15,I realized,that knowledge is the mum of survival.When I was a child(<13 yrs) I used to do many activities(play the piano,play the guitar and some sports etc.My dad teached me to play some instruments,cuz he was a musician.).And now I want to see if people on DOFUS passed through the same experience.

PS:F**k ya everybody,who's lying!!!!!

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