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So  I have started a little series on Dofus Touch. It is basically going to cover everything, from game mechanics, to region overviews, dungeons and profession tutorials.And more when I get more ideas and time xD

I have uploaded a couple of episodes and if you would like to check them out, you can do so here -> Bigfoot Gaming

Every comment is more than welcome, but please bear in mind that these are my first commentary videos
Any and all advice are much appreciated as well as negative criticism...
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Hello everybody,
I am offering services for the following professions:

Alchemist: 100
Farmer: 100
Lumberjack: 78
Miner: 47

Jeweller: 60
Shoemaker: 60
Tailor: 30
Baker: 100
Handyman: 10

Staff Carver: 20
Wand Carver: 15
Bow Carver: 40
Hammer Smith: 20

Server: Dodge
PM: Sauron or Bigfoot

Hope to see you ingame