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By KingPiccolo - 2010-06-16 13:16:53 in General Discussion
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I had an 80pp skinny nomoon for a long time and recently I tried to get it to 90pp. First I over fed it too much resulting in its death by obesity.

So now I have a fat nomoon, I tried feeding it normally after that and after 3 good feedings its state goes back to normal however on the 4th feeding it returns to fat. I tried to give it 3 good feedings to return it to normal and then starved it on the 4th feeding. This also resulted in it becoming fat again.

My question is: is this normal and is the...
By KingPiccolo - 2008-09-05 20:13:43 in Beta Test Server
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If order benifits are changing you should reset the order, as you would give back spell points invested into a spell that is changed.

Since people wont want to reset their whole allignment to change orders seems unfair