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1. I have a question regarding an overmage to the SramBad Daggers. While maging, If i took the range off, that would be 51 power, then can I do this? It would be -1 range, +sink. So 51 power. Max Str, Cha is 70 for the perfect stat, can I overmage one of the stats lets say, Chance to 100, then mage a few resis runes (Ofc all of this is, if it lands, instead of -sinking) and then put the range back on??
2. Regarding the Pauper's Robe, if I mage it with MP Exo, is it possible to lower the lock malus,...
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So I want to Exomage ap on both rings, Bearbaric Wedding Ring and Hairsh Bracelet, and MP Exomage on the Pauper's Robe Cape. I heard that i can take off the range on the bearb wed ring mage 10ini and then put the ap rune on, and repeat. Or are there better ways to land the success? Is anybody kind enough to reveal their ways of exomaging, or if they have ever maged these items before? Please help. i would really appreciate if you could give me some hints or any kind of help to exomage these items,...