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By KingJM - 2015-06-14 12:43:07 in Subscription and payment
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When I want to throw my money at ankama it won't let me.

For subscription and also when I try to buy Ogrines.
I choose what I want, choose the way I want to pay for it, click the terms and conditions But when I click the Pay now (order with obligation to pay) It just stays on that page, not even a attempt of loading a next screen.

Am I alone with this problem
By KingJM - 2015-06-05 21:35:29 in Suggestion Box
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As the titlle suggest its a daily quest. I call it:

8 Mile

This quest will start at a slave merchant, he tricks you into signing a form wich states that you now are sold to the dopple king.
As his slaves he wants you to fight his gladiators in wich he thinks are unbeatable, but he'll promise if you can defeat his best fighters that you'll get your freedom.
Once you've defeated his fighters you go back to the slave merchent and treathen to trow him in the pit where you just came from. He will give...