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Sadida Lvl 187 Echo
Pandawa Lvl 178 Echo

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So last night I was forced to give up on Otomai's Ark final room after a long fight (low level team of 6, no panda or sac). This was due to a problem where tiles kept bugging out, either preventing my movement or blocking line of sight. I had the battle down to just Gourlo and left and right I was being impeded by open tiles causing two of my characters to die who wouldn't have. Sometimes it was just one tile, sometimes it was multiple tiles like a moderately sized AoE spell. Has this bug been reported?...
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I need 20 regular (aka medium) trophies (plus the minors used as an ingredient) and 4 minor (aka small) trophies (not ingredients) crafted. What I am looking for is quotes from level 100 shield smiths. I am working on gathering the massive list of ingredients atm so I'm not in a crazy rush. I don't think a ton of people read this section of the forums so I won't get my hopes up for a response, but I figure it's worth a shot.

EDIT- I got quoted today from a level 100 shield smith, they wanted 2.2...