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After the frustrating realization that the level 200 equipment for pure STR Iop doesn't have much variety and all the sets suck, I'm considering getting another build. What element, or element combination even, do you think is better for level 200 PvM? Can you post a equipment build? Would Omni Iop be worthless?

Thanks in advance.
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I'm Brazillian, however the portuguese version of the site doesn't allow me to buy ogrines, saying it's not available on my community. In fact, not a single store out of any of the sites allow me to buy them. I sent a ticket almost a week ago and didn't get any answer aside from some automated message saying "we're working on the issue."

What can I do?

Time to quit the game since Ankama doesn't care :/
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As the title says, in which situations is either of them better? Both for PvP and PvE.