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I agree. Necronomicon strategy is seems a bit powerful and most depends on luck to resist it, especially if there are no special cards in the deck.
I think It can't be right that the player forced to keeps these counter cards in any deck, just for the sake of - "what if a necromancer appears?".

I think it would be good to increase the number of rounds required for activation. Or at least make Necronomicon do less damage to dofuses after.
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It's kinda sad that the XP system is no longer there...
I think it's all thanks to both sides - the people who regulary abused the system (aka XP Xelors) and those who were so TERRIBLY annoyed because of this.

But I don't mean that the new changes is bad, or the decision is wrong. I like these changes too, in the own way, but I'm still a little upset about losing the XP system. As for me, it was an interesting element of the game, but apparently just not implemented correctly.

And what about...
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Yes, still not working. At least in my case.