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Mukage Xelor Lvl 157 Remington
Mukade Foggernaut Lvl 156 Remington
Maudine Sram Lvl 73 Remington

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Okay, I was tracking situation for a while and have additional idea to solve some of in-game problems.

First of analysis:
There are few sources of Kama in-game: mint, drops, quests.
While quest drops are quite limited in the repetitiveness other 2 are main Kama-generating processes. Its the main way of kama income to the game.
Now about Kama spending - processes, which remove Kama from the game. Its teleports, some items, taxes, Haven Worlds, etc. I do not take into account market, because only...
By Kiartua - 2015-07-25 14:51:14 in Xelor
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What are your thoughts on these guys?
I found out that they cast their spell 2 times, dealing roughtly 2/3 sandglass damage per cast. Which means, that per 4 ap for the first turn, they are 2/3 as efficient than 2 sandglass casts (minus "gel" stacks), BUT they stay alive until killed, so they keep dealing this damage next turns. With ability to cage or teleport enemy in sinistro's cast range (which is fairly good), they can deal good damage/ap.
Any thoughts?

UPD: double hit is due to: "enemy which...