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By Unowein - 2020-07-19 22:57:33 in General Discussion
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Chaotica / Number in a Deck 3 / Sram / Cost 5 - Turns Seeds/Glyphs/Loot & Piles of Bones into allied bombs. Breaks all Feca Glyphs in play and turns it into a actual minefield, renders almost all feca decks pointless. Can't be countered without constantly using Rearrangement which isn't feasible. (Simple nerf fix is to only allow her to change 2-3 of each, possibly even costing 4 instead)

Zorine / Number in a Deck 3 / Iop / Costs 4 - Gains ATK and First Strike when Outnumbered. Can be countered...
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Same issue here, was fine yesterday and now it wont let me in, at the start it showed "Update server data appears to be out of sync" and now its just "krosmaga cannot be launched"