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I have one simple question about a requirement to equip items... do you need an exact amount of a certain stat to wear an item if that item gives that stat? For example an item that requires 200 chance to equip and gives off 50 chance.. can i have 150 chance and still put it on if the item gives the remaining required stats to wear?... im an old player.. but i dont remember if they changed how this works
By KhaosDestructionOO - 2016-10-25 01:05:43 in Professions
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Okay so iv returned after about a week or so and i noticed ankama has now made farmers profession worse then what it already was.. as long as it would take to make thousands of cereal bread for not only yourself but too also profit off of.. it is now 5 times harder to make bread and to even sell it.. why the **** would i take so much time out my day to farm for bread to make the profit (and for myself) with the way inflation was and still is?! Before we would grind for flour making farming legit......