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I'm just.. lost, I know I have to take the boar into the sewers.. but where? theres no map and I feel like I've gone everywhere, obviously I haven't.. but yeah, is there a map? 

Nevermind, found it.
The quest was telling me to see the boars reaction to (insert name her)
But the name was wrong lmao. 
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Hey'o, I joined 3 days ago and just been fiddling with classes to find my playstyle, decided Osa is, I love watching my summons do my bidding e.e , took out a group of 5 or 6, combined level of 104 .. and that felt intensely gratifying. 

Just wanted to say Hello, and that I'd love to meet some friendly people to help me on my journey, dungeons, where to level, etc..

I'm active, friendly and british. 
I've asked about joining a guild in game, but they seem to only recruit 150+ and I'm.. just about...