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By Kaypool - 2020-05-17 14:34:36 in Eniripsa
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Hello everyone, 

i would like to give my 50 cent opinion about the Eni and some rework ideas.

I started my Eni trip around 2 years ago and grinded slowly to 200 and on this ride many issues occured. 

For your information, I duoed him with my brothers Sacri, so I learned the hard way, how to position myself, optimise fights and so on.We don´t do PvP, just PvE, so all ideas and issues in the following refer to men vs monster. 

Because oft he length of this post, I will split him into two parts,...
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Hello together,

I have a problem with the lvl 170 Quest The End of the Tunnel.

The english and german wiki say, that for the quest you should talk to the NPC at [9,-66] (i already did that) and collect three Questitems for her.
The three questmobs (enraged BooWulves) should spawn at [-25,1], [-25,0] and [-24,0].
Two of them did and dropped their questitem, but the third Boowulf doesn´t.
He should spawn at [-25,1].

My brother did this quest a day before me and all three wulves spawn. So he could...