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Member since 2008-06-23


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Last login: 2019-08-01


Cra Lvl Omega 3 Echo
Feca Lvl 26 Ilyzaelle

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Hey Guys!

I'm here lost lol , a lvl 200 cra with all gathering jobs lvl 200, not that strong gotta revamp my whole set...
I can do around to 2k damage each turn on 0% resist in a fight.

what is your routine, what you focus on, specially around kamas, what is selling?
I wanna start a team, have a few poorly made characters in another accounts around to lvl 150, don't know what is a good 4/6/8 man team,
4 man  I was thinking about something like Cra int/cha Iop Str/agi Feca for shields + healing...
3 484
whenever I think about the merge I get shivers, in one hand Its a good thing, because It's almost a market merge, in low populated servers everything is expensive, and never sells, so being able to actually find something on the market and sell it quickly will be good, and hopefully finding people doing the same stuff as you so you can get along in groups It's also nice, but the price for all of this It's high, I've heard some people saying that we from small servers are very spoiled, which is true,...
By Kayootaku - 2016-07-01 07:50:11 in Suggestion Box
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Alignment system - I hate how obsolete this has became, make it attractive again

Guilds - Donating XP means nothing, we should be able to really prove ourselves to a guild, with guild questing, donations, ceremonial items,

Have a game portal - Inside the game we should have a better search engine, you could improve what we have using maps to find specific resources not the entire area where it lies, but we still need ways to search about quests, or improve the questing experience, if you make a...