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By KayleKhan - 2012-02-01 03:33:40 in Suggestions
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Merry Effects:
I don't think the bonuses from Merry are bad as they are, I just feel like they need to be switched around so they're more synergistic with the spells. Pandawhack's bonus is pretty awesome, Bash Barrel's MP bonus is pretty awesome as well (although it's not synergistic with the spell), Lactic Acid gives resist, which is really nice (but once again, notsynergistic with the spell, though), and Blisskrieg's bonus dodge works pretty nicely (I think it'd be better on Bash Barrel, though)....
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First of all, hello, some of you may know me from way back when.

Popped in to play the Pandawa (you guys know they're my favorite :3), and I have to say, I can't see how the fire tree is supposed to get by without other elements (be aware, I've primarily just thought this through, just like usual. I don't have some super high level Pandawa or anything to really back up what I say, although I can probably prove it in numbers if someone wants). And that's bad.

I understand the whole hybrid thing,...