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By Kay27 - 2019-01-23 18:42:30 in Off Topic
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hello i was wondering what way one could get a godron mount in dofus pets/dofus/Wakfu

ive seen some say you need to have all 6 types of pet evolution and others raise 1 pet to max maturity or get it from the shop - in order to do it in the shop do i need to become a subscribe on dofus/wakfu?

thank you 

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Hello i recently started playing wakfu and really love the eliotrope class but do not know what spells to use as i currently am limited in how many spells and passives i can get 

Im currently at lvl 26 and doing Otami''s quest of bringing back royal gobbal wool

does anyone mind telling me what sets and builds options there are for the eliotropes of a low level? 
my account is Eliotropekayden if wants to add me to their freinds list and help me in the game