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I have contacted Ankama Support, supplied all my account names (8 in total), supplied proof of address, ID and a scanned copy of my Credit Card with the last 4 digits showing. It has been 1 month since I have submitted my ticket and I fear it is growing cobwebs somewhere as nobody has bothered to look at it - it says so on the part that says LAST ACTIVITY. Funny thing is I can subscribe using my Credit Card on my Cra but not on any of the others so there shouldn't be any problem except simply authenticating...
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I have a friend on the Rushu Server who has been on break for a while due to studies and recently returned to Dofus. He has a few accounts and amongst them a high lvl Panda that he forgot the password to and no longer has the e-mail address used for that account. He used his lvl 199 Cra account to send a ticket and Sato replied with the usual passport, etc requests. He sent these in and on behalf of an error or misunderstanding by Support his Cra password has been incorrectly reset and he is not...