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Hey guys,

With the upcoming summer and lots of free time I've thought about coming back to the game of my childhood. As I've downloaded the new updated game A LOT seemed to have changed - especially with my main character - Sac. So I wanted to ask you if the game is still worth coming back to and if yes, will I be able to hold up to the whole new game in terms of AT LEAST PvM (I know PvP will be like impossible for me now) and earning money to get another sub.

By Karemeos - 2013-06-07 22:37:35 in Problems and solutions
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Hey there,
so I just runned Dofus and suddenly I found myslelf playing the game twice the speed than usual. It just speeded up by itself.
I cleared the cache, default all the settings, nothing hepled. I dont know what to do know, so thats why Im asking you guys me help me.
Thanks in advance  
By Karemeos - 2013-05-09 23:12:18 in Pandawa
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Yo fellow players of Dofus,
I've got a lvl 146 CHA Panda. Just wondering if it'd be better to turn STR. Everybody says that at Endgame STR is much, much better.
I wanna know your opinion if I should stay CHA or turn STR and why.
I've been thinking about STR Pandas and the only pros I can find is only the higher dmg of Pandatak and 3x use of Hangover.
On the other hand, Melancholy does less dmg, but is modi RA, so the probability of me hitting is higher. The +RA is also nice to go with Explo Flask...