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By Kardiwen - 2015-07-09 20:53:01 in Professions
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Is it just me, or making the high end healing potions now is completely wrecked because of the new recipes?
I used to make fairy water for hp, as if the recipe wasn't hard enough, now it requires 2 blood soaked ground meat per potion.For those who have not notice, it is a lvl 80 hunter item that consists of 1 dragomeat and 1 dopple brain, for 1 item, but you need 2 of those (and even 1 would be insane)
So that pretty much means i have to become a hunter just to make this. To make things more exciting,...
By Kardiwen - 2015-02-23 19:39:31 in Solar
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I am not exactly a new player, but the time i first played was really long ago. I have renewed my last account which was not highly leveled.
I am looking for a guild, since the people i used to play with are no longer there And it is kind of lonely to go alone.