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Mystique Osamodas Lvl 146 Remington
Elif Ecaflip Lvl 132 Remington
Snuffie Ouginak Lvl 123 Remington
Moksha Sadida Lvl 114 Remington
Epione Eniripsa Lvl 112 Remington
Elif Ecaflip Lvl 59 Dathura
Moksha Sadida Lvl 57 Dathura
Nelliel Tu Sram Lvl 8 Dathura
Mystique Osamodas Lvl 6 Dathura
Mokshalyn Sadida Lvl 5 Dathura

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By Karakedi - 2020-02-09 01:59:31 in Suggestions
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Will we ever get a trapper pet?

I looked up in the encyclopedia and there wasn't a Trapper pet there so I'm guessing that the devs didn't get around on making one yet and I'm hoping that they do. It is the only pet missing from all the gathering professions and it would be useful to have one.

Ankama, can we please have a (cute) Trapper pet?
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Want to buy the following:Zwombbit Miniature 2 Bonta Benches Osamodas Altar
Pm me either here or in game, my in game name is Mystique

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I really love and enjoy this games art and design team, this also includes and is not excluded to furniture they come up with for our haven bags. Honestly I enjoy decorating my haven bags more than any other content in this game. However I get the feeling that we don't get much furniture anymore when we get new content or more furniture overall.
I would like new furniture added that we can get from existing islands but also new recipes added for Handyman profession for furniture overall, so we can...