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By Kaleido - 2011-08-01 03:02:22 in Pandawa
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So I re-subbed and got a panda, cause I missed them so ♥
I chose Fire Panda, aiming for the AoE Explosive Flask.

Im a little new due to updates, but Im starting to get a grip on pandas again (timing Boozer correctly, using Barrel as a decoy or healing myself with it when the battle is ending, etc etc.).

My Pandawa is now level 34, and its starting to become a chore to level it up, mostly because all Im doing is chain killing Lousy Pigs, and ive been doing that since level 27 around-ish (27 to...
By Kaleido - 2011-07-30 04:56:23 in Subscription and payment
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Is it just me? Im very worried because everytime I try to subscribe that one option is barred in grey saying the The Service is Temporarily Unavailable.
Im just a little stressed because this day to the end of the weekend is my only chance to subscribe for personal reasons, and Ive been dying to subscribe for a month.

Is this a general problem and when will it come back?

There are several possible reasons for this.

- Your account has just been created or you have just started playing DOFUS. In...