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So I cannot seem to start the first quest of the paper dofus questline and I'm confused about the reason. I can understand if it's a prequisite thing, however my alt is able to start the quest and I'm quite sure I did fewer quests on that one, especially dofus related ones. They both finished the ink dofus questline and both have the achievement of "But where are the Dofus?".

I double checked the requirements stated on dofuspourlesnoobs. The only difference I can think of is that my alt did the...
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Some of the buff spells do not yet have an animation which makes hit harder to tell whether you used it or not. Examples are the sram spell plot and eniripsa’s stimulating word when it does not have a target (sometimes I missclick). For plot, the only “tell” is the sound of an occasional crit and that it cannot be used anymore when used twice. For stimulating word, you only notice it because it went on cooldown. I’m unaware whether there are more examples of this.

It is a minor ease-of-use...
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Both on the website and in game, negative initiative on items is indicated as -HP. Is this intentional?

It seems weird to me since HP is usually used to indicate Health Points (also by ankama staff in the log books).

An example: Click here